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The 2019 Talk Triggers Awards

Word of mouth influences 50% of all purchases, and 91% of B2B purchases. Yet, fewer than 1% of businesses have an actual strategy to get their customers talking. But those who DO have a word of mouth strategy can generate extraordinary results.


We present to you the 2019 Talk Triggers Word of Mouth Awards. We've rounded up 18 amazing examples of businesses leading the charge in word-of-mouth.

You'll be delighted by the finalists in restaurants, hotels, retail/e-commerce, services, higher ed, and healthcare. And if you've read the book already, 100% of the examples in the 2019 Talk Triggers Word of Mouth Awards are new. NONE of them are featured in the book, and all were found and curated by Jay and Daniel.

Download the final awards ebook below and see the finalists and winners for yourself!

The 2019 Talk Triggers Awards WEBINAR REPLAY

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