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Just for Ragan's PR Daily readers!

Your brand's fans, followers and advocates all share something in common: they are constantly in search of stories to tell.

They may like your brand or product. They may even LOVE your brand or product, enough to get a neck tattoo (it has happened).

Where we fall short is that we don't give them a consistent story to tell. That story is your talk trigger, and it's one of the things that separate mediocre brands from iconic brands.

We wrote about this in our new book Talk Triggers, and are sharing some of that content with you here, for free.

We know you care about your brand and your company. We're delighted to put together this special offer with the team at Ragan.

while you're here, why not get the book?

Purchase it today and you'll get access to all of our digital resources.

If you bought this book and didn’t like it, send the authors a note using the contact us link below. They will buy you ANY OTHER BOOK of your liking.


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